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Caring for little smiles


When should I register my child?

You should register your baby with a dentist before they reach six months of age, around the time their first baby teeth begin to erupt. Like adult patients, babies and children need a check-up every six months unless instructed otherwise by their dentist. 

Visiting the dentist from a young age encourages robust oral health habits in children, preventing them from developing dental anxiety later in life and encouraging them to get regular check-ups into their adult life. The result? Healthy teeth and gums for the foreseeable future. 

What happens at the appointment?

Tooth decay in children not only causes pain and infection, but it can even stunt your child’s growth and affect their speech - this is why they must see a dentist as early as possible. During your child’s appointment, we’ll carry out an extensive examination of their jaw, gums and bite. We will check for misalignments to see if your child needs orthodontic treatment and also for plaque, tartar and stains. If need be, we will give your child’s teeth a very gentle clean and apply preventative treatments, like fluoride varnishes, that ward off tooth decay and help keep their teeth and gums healthy for life. Lastly, we will educate you and your child on the correct way to brush little teeth and give you oral health tips like brushing and which foods and drinks to avoid.

We offer membership plans for children, as well as adults, starting from just £7.50 per month for ages 6 and over.


Putting them at ease, always

Visiting the dentist can be frightening as a child or an adult! Our skilled clinicians have years of experience treating young children – we will do everything we can to make your little one feel comfortable during their appointment and familiarise them with the experience.


If it’s your child’s first visit, you could try settling them beforehand by practising some dentist role play, reading books about teeth and explaining what it’s all about in a positive way. 

Mother and a Child
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